6 Zone Diet Tips to Help You Stay in the Zone

So you’ve decided to follow the zone diet? Good for you! And good luck on your weight loss quest.

However many have found that staying in “the zone” requires a lot of patience and will power. So I thought knowing a few handy tips can make it easier for you. Actually here are seven Zone Dieting tips to get you started.

As way of background, the Zone diet program, as advocated by Dr. Barry Sears, is a more moderate plan when compared to other diets like say Atkins.

Generally the reviews too are favorable. Which is to say this plan is likely to work for you if you work it.

But just so you know, there’s a flip side. Whenever you eat a diet high on protein you’re exposing yourself to kidney overload, calcium leaching and there have been some reports of renal failure for those who take it to extremes.

For that reason be on the safe side. Always consult a doctor before starting this plan. Or any weight loss for that matter.

Anyway on with the tips.

Tip #1: Maintain Balance

Now Zoners have a delicate balancing act to maintain. For instance you may noticed curious things like 40:30:30 mentioned when it comes to this diet and wonder what that means. They’re the ratios of carbs, fats and proteins you want to adhere to when it comes to eating. In other words foods on your list for meals and snacks should be in the ratio of 40:30:30 always.

Now if you can pull this off, you’ll be eating somewhere between 850 to 1,000 calories a day. While ideally keeping your insulin levels in the peak “zone” for maximizing weight loss while maintaining energy levels.

Not to mention that since the average adult in this country inhales 2,750 calories daily, it’s like impossible not to drop the weight.

Still given the importance of sticking to the proper portions of carbs to protein to fat here’s a trick.

Tip #2: Eyeball Method

As I said, this can be a bit tricky to follow. Trust me I’ve tried. So let me give you an easy way to calculate the macro-nutrients so you stay on track. It is called the eyeball method. Pretty scientific sounding, huh? None-the-less, this will give you a good idea of how much of any food category you can have.

Now according to the eyeball method the amount of protein to consume with each meal should be about the size and thickness of your palm.

See, easy right? And you thought this was going to be hard.

Tip #3: Alternate to the Eyeball

Offering another way of looking at it – the portion size of any slice of lean meat should cover no more than about a third of your food plate. Give or take.

For carbs let me give you two rules of thumb. One for carbs with high starch levels and another for those with low levels.

Tip #4: Eyeballing Carbs with Low Sugar Levels

Now the ideal portion size for those carbohydrates containing low levels of sugar or starch is two loose fists.

Tip #5: Eyeballing Carbs with High Sugar Levels

While those carbohydrates with high levels of sugar is one tight fist.

Tip #6: The Plate Rule

So when it comes to plate real estate, ideally two-thirds of your plate should be covered with vegetables and fruits.

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